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Rugby attack is unfair dinkum, says Taoiseach

IT'S Enda versus Dame Edna.

The Taoiseach last night weighed into the row with Australian critics who claim the Ireland rugby team cheated in last weekend's historic World Cup win.

Mr Kenny dismissed the attacks from Wallaby legend Tim Horan, who claims Ireland were feigning injury in order to slow down the game against Australia.

Backing the Irish team, the Taoiseach said the result gave "heart that a small country like ours can make a world impact".

Hinting at a sour grapes response Down Under to the Irish victory, Mr Kenny said: "They mightn't like it in the papers in Australia."

Speaking about government plans for job creation and economic recovery, the Taoiseach drew upon the Irish team's performance for inspiration.

"To use a sporting analogy, when I saw the way, you know, the Irish team shoved Australia around the pitch in New Zealand, it gives you heart that a small country like ours can make a world impact," he said.

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