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Thursday 22 August 2019

RTE's Teresa battles storm live on air... and the storm wins

Jerome Reilly

Jerome Reilly

Teresa Mannion's hilarious report showed power of Atlantic onslaught.

RTE's highly respected Western reporter Teresa Mannion took on Storm Desmond as it reached its destructive zenith last night. The storm won.

But the mum-of-two's brave battle against Mother Nature gave viewers of RTE's 6 o'clock news bulletin a potent sense of the force carried by the storm.

As she delivered her news from the heart of Galway, in a report that will become a YouTube hit and an archive gem for the producers of Reeling In The Years, she found it hard to hold on to her hat.

And her often hilarious attempts to make her voice heard over the gale-force winds immediately created it's own storm - this time on Twitter.

Put simply, her timing was bad. Storm Desmond had battered the entire west coast all day. If she thought it couldn't get worse, she was wrong.

Shortly before 6pm, the storm reached a new intensity and Teresa's pleas to viewers to heed the warnings and "stay inside" were whipped away almost before they reached the microphone.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, after downing a well-deserved pot of tea, she kept her sense of humour about the unintentionally hilarious report, saying: "All of these screen grabs make it look like I'm crying but it was just the rain. I'm cringing at the screen grabs."

But it was all in a day's work and she said she was just looking forward to going home and "getting into a nice warm bed".

Today's respite, as Storm Desmond finally leaves these shores, will be short-lived.

Tonight, a band of rain will spread northwards across the country and winds veering southerly will become very strong and gusty once again, Met Eireann says.

This new wet spell will maintain the threat of flooding in many areas.

The start of the working week will continue wet and windy for most of Monday, with heavy rain affecting coastal counties in the south and west.

Although the rain will clear to showers in the afternoon, some very strong and gusty southerly winds will persist.

On Tuesday, there will be more outbreaks of rain and showers, especially in the west.

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