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RTE warns staff that station considering pay cuts as it struggles with €25m deficit

RTE Director General Noel Curran has warned staff of potential pay cuts and the dropping of certain services as the station struggles with a €25m deficit.

Earlier this week, trade unions called on RTE to outline how the deficit would be filled.

He also said that when a current voluntary redundancy ends on June 15, RTE will never be able to afford a scheme based on salaries pre-dating the June 2009 pay cuts.

In an email to staff, according to the RTE website, he said that the situation facing the station was “serious” and acknowledged that extensive cost reductions will require huge efforts from staff.

He said that for remaining staff, the station will introduce retraining and compulsory redeployment between divisions and around the country.

If restructuring efforts fail, RTE would have to consider further pay cuts and dropping certain services.

The Director General said times are difficult for all media organisation and if RTE did not act, it would simply move from one round of cost cutting to another.