Thursday 18 July 2019

RTE viewers raise hell over Late Late 'Satanic' show

Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

RTE has received a "significant number" of complaints after an appearance by the dance troupe, the Satanic Sluts, on Friday's 'Late Late Show'.

The group shot to fame recently following the infamous telephone call made by BBC stars Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to the actor Andrew Sachs.

Mr Sach's granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, was the focus of lewd messages left on his answerphone by the pair, and later broadcast on BBC Radio.

Ms Baillie is also a performer with the Satanic Sluts and, after an interview with Pat Kenny in which she spoke of her disgust at the prank call, took part in a risque performance entitled the 'Robot Routine'.

"I'm looking forward to this ... I think," Mr Kenny said, introducing the performance.

It is understood that Ms Ballie agreed to talk on the show provided that her group also got to perform.

"There have been a significant number of complaints," an RTE spokesman said yesterday. "The information office would have been open until 11 yesterday and was taking complaints."


The spokesman declined to reveal the exact number of complaints. Perhaps predicting that the performance would generate some mild controversy, Mr Kenny ended the segment on Friday night by saying, "Sure you would see more in a Marks and Spencer's lingerie ad".

The presenter got a little hot under the collar himself a little later when he ripped up two tickets after the winner of a competition said on air that she wasn't "particularly interested" in attending the Late Late Toy Show later this week.

Barbara Heavey, from Cork city, yesterday described Mr Kenny's actions as ungracious but Mr Kenny has questioned why she entered the competition if she didn't want to attend the popular annual event.

Ms Heavey said she entered out of "boredom" and had no interest in watching children play with toys for two hours, and added that she has no children of her own. She also said that she didn't see the presenter rip up the tickets as she had turned off the television to prevent an echo on the line.

"Had I seen that, I would have been appalled," she said. Viewers heard her say that the tickets should be raffled off as Mr Kenny ripped them up. The RTE presenter has said that he expects to raffle them off on his radio programme this week.

"I think it was a bit of an ungracious thing to do because I thought I had made it clear I wanted to give the tickets to someone," Ms Heavey said. "I'd still like to do that."

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