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RTE staff vote in favour of measures to save €1m

RTE staff have backed plans that mean those earning €40,000 or more will lose two days' pay and up to a day's holiday this year. They voted in favour of the measures that were put forward by an in-house tribunal to save €1m in a ballot.

Up to 900 workers will be affected by the cost-cutting plans, which will come into force over the next 12 months.

The plans mean those earning €40,000 or above must take two days unpaid leave over the next 12 months.

In addition, workers with 21 or 22 days annual leave a year will give up a half day of their holidays, while those who get 23 days or more will lose a full day's leave.

The ballot of staff who are members of the Trade Union Group followed a recommendation by the station's internal industrial relations tribunal.

The tribunal recommended that staff should take the two days unpaid leave "at the most suitable time, considering the exigencies of the service".

It said the pay-related cost reductions should be "evenly spread" throughout this year.

RTE sought the cost-saving measures to cover its costs after it began paying increments to staff that were suspended earlier this year.

It resumed paying the salary scale increases on the understanding that equal savings would be found through other cuts.

The station recently cleared the way for 186 staff to leave in a bid to slash €10m from its payroll costs -- and has not ruled out more exits.

Another 96 employees have been officially approved to take an exit package that has already been accepted by 90 staff.

A total of 243 workers applied for an exit package -- which allowed them to leave without suffering pay cuts -- last year.

It originally sought 100 voluntary redundancies and early retirements.

High-profile names who have already left include newsreader Anne Doyle, western editor Jim Fahy and 'Nationwide' frontman Michael Ryan.

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