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RTÉ staff to undergo 'inclusion and diversity training' in order to 'fully reflect Irish society'


The RTE building in Montrose

The RTE building in Montrose

The RTE building in Montrose

RTÉ staff will undergo 'inclusion and diversity training' from an outside company in a move which the broadcaster hopes will help it fully reflect Irish society.

A tender published by the state broadcaster this week requests expressions of interest from companies in a position to provide such 'diversity and inclusion awareness training' to staff and management.

The tender reads: "RTÉ seeks to engage an organisational training company to work over a finite time period to design and deliver diversity and inclusion awareness training to its staff and management."

RTÉ did not respond when asked how much has been allocated to cover the cost of the training.

A spokesman said that the broadcaster is "seeking a proposal which is both innovative and offers value for money".

"RTÉ recognises that it is in the privileged position of reflecting and shaping our understanding of our society and culture. Few organisations are as influential in Ireland or require greater trust than RTÉ," the spokesman added.

It is hoped that the training will ensure RTÉ "reflects the lives, experiences and stories of all the communities on the island and support management and staff to enable them to carry out their daily responsibilities".

"This type of training has been successfully used by other broadcasters who are leaders in this area," RTÉ said.

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