Saturday 20 January 2018

RTE staff 'shaken' after glass roof over Montrose cafe fell in

Cormac Murphy

RTE staff escaped injury when a glass roof over a coffee dock on the Montrose campus fell in.

The incident was said to have left people nearby “shaken” but the station told the Herald no one was physically hurt.

It occurred over the Oasis coffee dock at Stage 7, RTE's main TV building, where presenters such as Miriam O'Callaghan and Marty Morrissey are known to stop off for refreshments.

“One of the glazed roof sections of the atrium in one of the RTE buildings did break this morning,” the national broadcaster told the Herald in a statement.

“The type of glass used in this part of the building has an in-built safety feature which determines that it shatters before impact, thereby minimising any risk of damage or injury,” a spokeswoman said.

“We can confirm that there were no other damages or injury arising from this.”

Declan Buckley, also known as Shirley Temple Bar, tweeted afterwards: “The roof fell in on RTE today. Literally.”

It “ruined” his coffee morning, he added. Buckley said: “Couple of people nearby were shaken but no one injured.”


Later, he wrote: “To clarify, one section of safety glass shattered and fell. It most likely wouldn't have seriously injured anyone. But it's still scary.”

Buckley said a “couple of producers having coffee got a fright” but “nobody was seriously injured”. Alex Connolly, head of communications at Failte Ireland, quipped: “Looks like somebody has literally broken through the glass ceiling at RTE.”

Speculation that journalism students from NUI Galway were left shaken by the collapse yesterday morning was rejected.

An RTE spokeswoman said the students were nowhere near the scene.

“I was with them at the time. They were getting a talk from one of our reporters. They weren't on that floor. They were on a different floor in a meeting. They were all in a room. They didn't leave the room. They were nowhere near it,” she told the Herald.

“It's completely without foundation (the speculation) and not logistically possible,” she added.

It is understood the station will now ascertain why the incident took place. The broken panel is already believed to have been replaced.

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