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RTE priest libel: Fr Kevin Reynolds not told BAI inquiry complete

THE priest who was falsely accused of fathering a child in Africa is disappointed he was not told the report into RTE's conduct had been completed.

Solicitor Robert Dore -- representing Fr Kevin Reynolds -- was commenting after the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) completed its report and recommendations into RTE's 'Prime Time Investigates' programme, 'Mission to Prey'.

It has made a recommendation to RTE, and the national broadcaster now has 14 days to decide whether to accept or reject it.

The BAI is not obliged to notify Fr Reynolds or his representatives of their progress -- as they did not make the original complaint.

However, Mr Dore said last night: "I am disappointed by the lack of communication from both authorities."

The investigation was launched by the BAI after the programme falsely accused the Galway priest of fathering a child in Africa.

The inquiry was set up to consider whether programme segments dealing with Fr Reynolds breached the Broadcasting Act.

RTE has apologised to Fr Reynolds and accepted the claims were without any foundation.

Fr Reynolds was awarded undisclosed damages by the High Court and got an apology.

Irish Independent