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Roy's keen on heading home to Rebel roots

SOCCER legend Roy Keane is considering moving back to his hometown of Cork.

In an exclusive interview the Irish Independent Weekend magazine, out tomorrow, the former Republic of Ireland captain said he has been thinking about the possibility of returning home to the Rebel county over the past couple of years and would not rule it out.

The former Manchester United midfielder still has strong family roots in the southern city, returning there several times a year, often to help with his role as ambassador for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Keane said most of his best friends are still in Cork and revealed that when he is among his old school friends, or those he played football with in the early days, he feels truly comfortable.

The 42-year-old is also keen to get another role in football management before he finally retires completely from the 'beautiful game'.

Keane admits he is effectively "unemployed" since he was sacked from Ipswich in 2011, for failing to turn the club's fortunes around.

Since then, he has done some commentating on television as well as promoting the guide dog charity, travelling and spending time with his wife and five children.

But, during a disarmingly honest interview, Keane admitted that he strongly hopes he will have one more opportunity to manage a football team.

"I suppose it is out of my hands, but it's in the back of my mind. Listen, I might not get that opportunity. I'd like to think there would be one more opportunity to get back and chance my arm, but I'm not sitting around hoping that managers will lose their jobs so I can get it. Things like that are meant to be or they're not."

In the interview, Keane talks about his infamous temper, his pride, religion and the fact that he is his own toughest taskmaster. And he reveals his great love of dogs, which is one of the reasons he was happy to get involved with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Roy describes the Cork training centre, which he visits three to four times a year, as "a five-star hotel for dogs".


The centre trains up to 200 dogs a year to work as assistants to the visually impaired and autistic children, working with the dogs from when they are just eight weeks old until they are about two years old.

The Irish Independent is the official sponsor of SHADES week, the annual national fundraiser for the charity which runs from April 29-May 4 nationwide.

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