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Royal honeymoon may be in Kinsale

AN IRISH town famed for its picturesque fishing harbour and gourmet restaurants is one of 11 worldwide destinations linked with the honeymoon of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Tourism officials in Kinsale in Co Cork admitted they were "very flattered but a bit bemused" after a top US newspaper linked the area with the top secret honeymoon destination of the British royal couple.

In fact, so secret is the honeymoon location that Prince William apparently hasn't even told his bride-to-be. However, the American newspaper 'USA Today' has named Kinsale as one of 11 of the most likely destinations worldwide for the royal couple. Other destinations include the Caribbean, South Africa and New Zealand. Tourism interests in Kinsale admitted they would be thrilled if Prince William and his new bride arrived in the area. Kinsale Chamber of Tourism chairman Hal McElroy said the international reputation of the town had shown how effective the tourist promotion had been. "If the royal couple do come they will not be the first royals to visit, as the list includes King James II, who visited before the Battle of the Boyne, Prince Rupert in Cromwellian times and, of course, the Queen's son Prince Andrew for the 2001 commemoration of the Battle of Kinsale," he said.

Prince William has two weeks' leave from the RAF for his honeymoon -- but Buckingham Palace officials have refused to discuss his honeymoon destination for privacy reasons. The prince is understood to want to avoid media attention as much as possible, as he and his wife relax.

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