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Rover's Return: Galway dog discovered in Dublin ten months after he went missing

A dog who disappeared from his Co. Galway garden almost a year ago has been reunited with his delighted owner after he found himself in Dublin.

Terrior Bruno was handed into a Ballyfermot DSPCA shelter two weeks ago after he hopped into a family’s people carrier and refused to leave.

The pooch’s happy owner Frank Lee said Bruno would never have returned to his home town of Tuam if he had not been microchipped.

“I think he was stolen from the front of my house. Usually Bruno would go out for a wee and comes back in. I called him but to no avail. I drove around the area looking for him and asked local vets and local shelters in Galway and Tuam and I had friends and family watching out for him,” he told Today FM’s Anton Savage Show.

“Lucky he was microchipped and he would never have returned otherwise,” said Frank.

Happy Bruno’s owner was delighted that the dog, who was just one year old when he went missing, remembered him after ten months on the missing list.

“I got a call from Graham and Laura at the other side of the country in Ballyfermot. They read me out his registration and I had it with me. I was totally surprised.

“He jumped into a car in Lucan in Dublin and he refused to get out of it. I’d like to thank the people who brought him to the shelter or I’d have never found him.

“He was in a bad old state. His coat was all matted and he was a bit thin.

“I drove up to Ballyfermot to get him.

“He was so young when he was taken just over a year and I thought he wouldn’t remember me but he ran over to me and started licking my face and totally recognised me,” said Frank.

The terrier’s owner believes that his pooch was nabbed for breeding purposes.

“He was taken for breeding and that’s what it was all about. He’s been neutered now so this doesn’t happen again.

“It’s important that people get their animals chipped,” he said.

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