Sunday 18 March 2018

Ronan and Yvonne reconnect in his bachelor pad days before he jets off

Ronan Keating, leaving his apartment in Malahide yesterday. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Ronan Keating, leaving his apartment in Malahide yesterday. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Yvonne Keating. Photo: Tony Galvin

NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News

Boyzone star Ronan Keating may be planning to meet dancer Francine Cornell in the coming weeks.

Ms Cornell is expected to fly to Australia to discuss the fallout from their seven-month affair.

Friends say the meeting is "in no way" an attempt to rekindle any romance with his blonde lover, but rather to ensure damage limitation as the singer leaves his broken family behind.

"Ronan wants to make sure this will be the end of it now once he goes to Australia," said the friend. "He doesn't want to worry about any more stories blowing up in the papers when he is gone and knows that it's very important to keep Francine onside."

They continued: "In Australia they will be afforded a brief opportunity to talk things through, to make sure everything is smoothed out between them, and that Francine isn't left feeling bitter or sore about how she's come out of the whole thing."

In recent days the distraught Leeds woman has sought the advice of PR guru Max Clifford. The English beauty is said to be "considering her options" with the image expert to the stars.

A number of UK publications have already tabled offers to try to entice the blonde dancer to tell them her version of the story, now that Keating has ended the alleged relationship. Mr Clifford confirmed that Francine had been in touch to ask him how to handle the media and the pressures of being followed by the paparazzi. She also wanted to know how to stop any inaccurate information surfacing in the tabloids.

Recent reports say that the pint-sized performer tried to convince Francine that his marriage to 36-year-old Yvonne was over, while their alleged affair was on the go.

A friend of Francine's revealed: "She honestly believed the marriage was over and they were going to be together. That's what he led her to believe."

In recent days Francine stepped out in public for the first time since allegations of her affair with Keating became public. Looking groomed and care-free, the dancer returned to her parents' home in Leeds from a trip abroad.

Last month Keating and Yvonne made the shock statement about their decision to separate, despite seeming like one of the strongest marriages in showbiz.

Keating flew to France for a brief holiday with Boyzone bandmate Keith Duffy, while Yvonne stayed at home and tried to come to terms with the split.

Yesterday Keating and Yvonne continued to sort out their domestic arrangements, having moved from their luxury home in Abington.

They have now moved into Keating's bachelor pad in Malahide and will live there for the next few days until he jets off to Australia on Tuesday to take up his role as a judge on the Australian X Factor, which begins on Friday.

In recent days the couple moved into the €1.5m penthouse apartment in the Casino complex near Malahide Castle with their three children, Jack, 11, Marie, 9, and Ali, 4. But after Keating moves to Oz for the summer Yvonne will stay in the apartment until their new mansion in the upmarket Abington Estate, which is currently under construction, is ready.

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