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Thursday 17 October 2019

Rockin' around the Christmas family tree

Elaine Keogh

It is Christmas Day every day of the year for one particular household in Ireland because the family's surname is Christmas.

"Every tree in our garden is a Christmas tree and every drink we have throughout the year is a Christmas spirit," said Heather Christmas (40), from Dundalk, Co Louth.

She was so proud to be born into a real-life Christmas family that she kept her maiden name when she married and her three children also use it.

"I liked it so much that all my children are Christmases!" she said yesterday as she prepared to do her final festive shopping with mother Mary Christmas (86) and daughter Rachel (19).

"The only people in Ireland with the name are all related to me and I wanted to keep it; I wasn't going to give it up," she said. Heather has collated a detailed family Christmas tree and can trace their roots in Ireland to the arrival in 1827 from Middlesex, England, of William Muir Christmas.

The name has brought lots of fun, cliches and bad jokes into their lives and Rachel said a friend loved it so much she threatened to change hers to Christmas too.

Despite them embracing their surname though, Heather said: "We don't overdo things at this time of year. We try to be normal."

She said the only problem was having to be careful choosing names for daughters. "We couldn't have a Holly or Carol," she added.

Her sons Graham (20), and Scott (14) are happy to be Christmases as well; and for this family, it really is Christmas every day.

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