Monday 23 April 2018

Robinson warns of final wake-up call

Former President Mary Robinson
Former President Mary Robinson

Sam Griffin

FORMER President Mary Robinson warned the report was a final wake-up call for people here.

Ms Robinson said the effects of global warming would affect everyone, most particularly the most vulnerable in society.

"The report definitively tells us that our efforts to reduce carbon emissions to date have been ineffective and greenhouse gas emissions were the highest in human history between 2000 and 2010," she said.

"We are on a path to a global mean surface temperature 3.7C to 4.8C higher than pre-industrial levels – this will affect everyone and the most vulnerable first and most."

However, she said the report had found there was still time to act and said there was much to be gained by reducing our carbon emissions.

"We must heed the science and take urgent action that requires global co-operation; every one of us has a responsibility to act.

"A global framework for sustainable development that acknowledges the impacts of climate change and an international climate agreement that is fair and legally binding is required to keep our people and planet safe."

She concluded: "It is critical we choose policies and development pathways that are transformative, not revisionist."

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