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Road safety campaign to focus on pedestrians

PEDESTRIANS and cyclists will be given a chance to see the road from the cab of a truck in a new road safety drive to cut down on traffic deaths.

The garda campaign, which continues until the end of May, aims to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by focusing on vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Today on the central reservation of O'Connell Street between 4pm and 6pm, pedestrians and cyclists will get a chance to be in the position of a truck driver. They will be able to get a view from the truck cab and see danger zones where a driver sight line is blocked.

Over the course of the campaign, up to 40 gardai will be cracking down on speeding drivers and cyclists who break the rules. It is the third year that gardai have targeted operations on reducing deaths in the city, with fatalities falling from 32 in 2009 to 11 last year.

Inspector Barry Moore said Dublin had the safest road network of all EU capital cities but six of the 11 fatalities last year were pedestrians.

The operation will focus on speeding motorists, with checkpoints and mobile speed cameras placed across the city.

It will also target cyclists not using lights at night, breaking traffic signals or cycling in the wrong direction on one-way streets. Pedestrians ignoring traffic lights and crossing at dangerous junctions will get warnings.

Gardai added that while the number of deaths had gone down serious injuries had not fallen at the same rate.

A total of 80 people were killed or seriously injured in 72 incidents in Dublin last year, with almost 60pc of incidents occurring in 50kmh zones.

Irish Independent