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Revenue staff fear they'll be relocated 40km

ALMOST 100 Revenue staff fear that they will be relocated from Ennis to Limerick in what is being seen as the latest test of the Croke Park Agreement.

The payroll staff could be moved as part of the Government's plans to reduce the number of separate offices paying the wages of civil servants in order to save money.

There are shortages of staff in the Revenue office in Limerick due to the retirement of 286 staff from the entire service last month -- but none of the Ennis-based staff want to go there.

Under the Croke Park Agreement, Revenue is entitled to insist on relocation because the 40km distance between Ennis and Limerick is just within the 45km redeployment limit.

There are 106 Revenue staff in the Ennis, Co Clare, office and it is understood that 92 of these work in payroll.

Although no decision has yet been taken, Finance Minister Michael Noonan said the Croke Park Agreement with the unions provided for a shared payroll service for the entire civil service.

He added: "This is likely to impact on Revenue's payroll section in Ennis."

Irish Independent