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Revealed: Where Dublin ranks among worst traffic in the world


Nose to tail: Traffic jams are getting worse in the capital. Stock photo

Nose to tail: Traffic jams are getting worse in the capital. Stock photo

Nose to tail: Traffic jams are getting worse in the capital. Stock photo

Dublin is speeding towards becoming the congestion capital of the world.

But that's the only fast lane the city is in as it emerged motorists spend almost nine days a year sitting in traffic on their daily commute.

The findings from satnav company TomTom place Dublin 17th-worst out of 416 cities in 57 countries where congestion was monitored.

Traffic troubles in the capital are now the worst of any city in the European Union, with the average motorist now stuck for the equivalent of eight days and 21 hours going nowhere each year.

They are also worse than some of the busiest cities in the world such as Tokyo, New York, London, Beijing and Los Angeles.

Journeys on Dublin's roads take on average 48pc longer than they should, the study shows, and up to 100pc longer during peak times.

The worst possible times to travel are on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning when what should be a 30-minute trip will take 27 minutes more, and on a Thursday evening when the same trip will take an additional 29 minutes.

Christmas Day was the best day for travel last year. October 25, the Friday of the bank holiday weekend, was worst.

Stephanie Leonard, traffic adviser with TomTom, pointed out Dublin's problems were getting worse. Journeys were on average 45pc longer than they should be last year.

"When you consider its booming population and rapid economic growth, it's not surprising that Dublin is one of the world's most congested cities," she said.

"Yet the demographic challenges of the city are clearly turning into a congestion nightmare for Dubliners."

Congestion in Cork and Limerick also grew last year, by 1pc and 2pc respectively, so Cork now ranks 75th in the world and Limerick 118th.

The worst city is Bangalore, India's third biggest city and next is Manila in the Philippines, the most densely populated city in the world. Bogota, Mumbai, Moscow, New Dehli and Jakarta also made the worst 10 list.

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