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Revealed: The worst Irish city for congestion, where drivers spend more than the average work week sitting in traffic every year


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Galway has been revealed as the worst place in Ireland for traffic congestion in a new study.

Drivers in the city spend an average of 43.5 hours per year sitting in rush hour traffic - meaning that drivers spend the equivalent of more than a workin week sitting in their car stuck in traffic. Galway ranks 61st in the overall cities ranking, dropping down from 59th in 2015.

Dublin ranks 151 and drives spend an average of 31.4 hours per year in congested traffic.

Cork is third in the ranking, set out by traffic data firm Inrix, and drivers there spend around 24.5 hours stuck in traffic every year,.

The remaining Irish towns that are included in the database rank as follows:

  • Sligo - 19.9 hours
  • Limerick - 16.5 hours
  • Waterford - 15.6 hours
  • Waterford - 15.6 hours
  • Wexford - 12 hours
  • Carlow - 7.8 hours
  • Dundalk - 6.5 hours
  • Mullingar - 5.5 hours


Ireland ranks 25th overall, tying with France with an average of 23 hours spent in commuter congestion.

Meanwhile, a second traffic index published by TomTom shows that congestion in the capital is at 43pc, an increase of 3pc. Based on data from 2016 the TomTom index compares and increase in travel time compared with freeflow traffic to measure congestion. Congestion levels rise to 80pc in the morning rush hour at 86pc at the evening peak.

Researchers measure that an extra 192 hours of travel time per year is added to the average persons drive time due to congestion in the city.


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