Wednesday 14 November 2018

Revealed: the dog-doping secret report

JODY CORCORAN EXCLUSIVE A REPORT into the controversial sacking of the Irish Greyhound Board chief executive shows how the semi-state organisation is being run beyond the control of the Sports Minister.

The Sunday Independent has had exclusive sight of the conclusions and recommendations of the secret report, which was prepared for Sports Minister John O'Donoghue, by Tim Dalton, the former Secretary-General in his department, in the aftermath of the dismissal of the chief executive of Bord na gCon, Aidan Tynan.

Mr Dalton's findings are damning, and represent a victory for Mr Tynan in his battle with the board's chairman, Pascal Taggart.

Mr Dalton concluded that the dismissal procedures "lacked the basic requirements of natural justice" and "could not have stood up to legal challenge".

While Mr Dalton says it was not possible to assess the arguments, "it seems clear that the CEO was in a position to enter a credible challenge to the case against him".

Potentially even more damaging for Mr Taggart is the finding that the reasons given


for not publishing positive greyhound doping results are "not at all convincing".

Mr Dalton is also critical of the manner in which staff severance deals were entered into without sanction from the department.

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