Thursday 19 September 2019

Revealed: The county that splashes the most cash on eating out and takeaways

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Allison Bray

Dubliners lead the country when it comes to splashing out for a restaurant meal or takeaway, a new survey reveals.

A survey of the monthly spending habits of AIB customers using their debit or credit cards reveals Dubs spend the most nationwide on a restaurant or takeaway, dishing out an average €115.27 a month compared with the national average spend of €91 a month.

By comparison, people in Co Monaghan spend the least when it comes to dining out, spending just €59 a month.

The figures are based on a representative sample of a million AIB customers aged between 18 and over 60 using the bank's mobile app.

The data was harvested anonymously through the mobile app.

The survey reveals groceries account for the largest monthly spend in most households, excluding rent and mortgages.


The average household spends €228 a month on groceries, although men tend to spend more at the supermarket, forking out an average €249 a month compared to women who spend an average of €210.

Middle-aged adults tend to spend the most on stocking the fridge, with people aged between 50 and 54 spending an average of €367 a month, compared with those aged between 19 and 24, who spend an average of just over €100 a month eating at home.

However, the low spend on groceries by younger adults may indicate that they are still living at home with their middle-aged parents who are still doing the bulk of grocery shopping.

Not surprisingly, the figures reveal that families with children spend the most on food at home, spending an average of €416 a month compared with adults without children who spent an average of €163 a month on groceries.

It may also come as no surprise that Irish women spend almost double on clothes each month than men, spending an average of €119 a month compared with men at €59.

Families spend the most on clothes, dishing out an average of €416 a month while under-25s spend the least at just €64 a month.

Dubliners in general spend an average of €96.61 every month on clothes, followed by an average of €16.14 a month on subscriptions and membership fees.

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