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Revealed: Ireland's favourite holiday destination abroad... and at home


Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

Spain is the most popular foreign holiday destination for sun-loving Irish people.

When it comes to holidaying at home, Kerry is by far the most favoured county for staycations.

A new iReach survey of the summer holiday plans of adults here showed the majority intend to get away from it all either at home or abroad this year.

One thousand people were asked about their plans for 2017 and 72pc said they were planning on having a holiday.

Of those, 68pc will holiday abroad and 15pc will opt for a “staycation”, while 17pc will have holidays both abroad and within Ireland this year.

When it comes to the popularity of foreign destinations, the Irish are ready to sing Viva Espana, as 38pc of those going abroad revealed they were heading for Spain.

The next most popular foreign destinations were Portugal on 19pc, Italy 13pc, England 12pc and France 9pc.

Those choosing to enjoy a holiday in Ireland showed a clear preference for Co Kerry, with 36pc choosing the Kingdom.

The next most popular Irish destinations were Galway (25pc), Cork (22pc), Mayo (22pc) and Wexford (20pc).

When it comes to the differences between the genders, the survey showed that more women than men prefer to spend summer holidays at home, with more men than women preferring to go abroad.

Respondents were also asked to say what they enjoy the most about going on holiday – with 98pc saying they were looking to relax. Some 90pc also said they enjoyed having a break from work.

Of those who will spend their holidays in Ireland, 49pc plan to go to the beach and 37pc will visit family and friends.

Overall popular holiday activities included going to the beach 79pc, drinking alcohol 79pc, shopping 67pc and exercising 53pc.

However, some people like to be productive when they have time off, with 18pc saying they will use their holidays to do some work in the house or garden.

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