Monday 11 December 2017

Revealed: How you may be getting double-charged when paying to park your car

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Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

Drivers who use the Parking Tag app may be getting charged twice when paying to park their car.

When a parking ticket is about to expire, drivers who use the app receive a notification ten minutes beforehand reminding them to top up.

If you top up before the ticket expires, this means you are essentially paying to park twice.

A spokesperson for Parking Tag confirmed that when the payment is processed, your new ticket will start from the time of payment, not the time when your previous payment expires.

Therefore, if you top up for an hour with ten minutes left on the original payment, you will only be covered for one hour, not one hour and ten minutes.

A number of drivers have expressed annoyance with the system, asking for it to be changed to accumulate all the time paid for.

Laurence O'Meara is one driver who has recently been double-charged.

"I used the app to park by Merrion square. It's €0.68 for ten minutes. When it came close to my parking expiry I received a helpful text notification to tell me that in ten minutes the parking would expire. On foot of the prompt I topped up for another hour... or so I thought.

"It is a loop-hole which means drivers are paying more money.

"When you top up your phone with credit and there's still money in the account, they don't wipe away the money that is already there. Why should it be any different for a parking app in this day and age?"

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