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Sunday 17 November 2019

Re-tune your TV or lose RTE One, Saorview customers are warned

The Voice could be one of the show's viewers will miss if they fail to re-tune their box
The Voice could be one of the show's viewers will miss if they fail to re-tune their box
Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

Tens of thousands of Saorview customers are at risk of losing RTE One on their televisions unless they re-tune their sets.

It's all part of the change-over to high-definition viewing, and the deadline is now looming for people to re-scan their equipment by following instructions.

Jim Higgins, brand manager with Saorview, said: "There are around 620,000 households with Saorview in Ireland.

"An estimated 80pc have re-scanned, and between 15 to 20pc have not at this point."

Last December, RTE launched in high definition. If Saorview customers don't re-scan – which effectively means 're-tune' their TV – they will lose RTE One after Wednesday.

Viewers have to re-scan their Saorview television or set-top box to receive technical upgrades – the boxes are the devices that connect to televisions, which allow people to receive content.

People can update their system by following a series of steps using their Saorview remove control. Pressing the "menu" button is the first step for all models.

"We want everybody to re-scan, and once they have done it, they will actually move over from RTE One standard definition, which is the old signal, which is going to go, to the high-definition signal, which is currently being broadcast," Mr Higgins said.

"We have given people a lot of time to do this," he said. People have been re-scanning their sets over the last number of months.

"But now, at this stage, we have to switch off the standard-definition transmission, and we want the remainder of those who haven't re-scanned to move over to RTE One high definition. They are getting a better quality signal, they are getting a better quality service," said Mr Higgins.


Saorview says it will be clear to its customers whether a re-scan is required by viewing channels seven or eight and checking the "now and next" information on the bottom of the screen.

Last week, viewers who need to re-scan will have seen a message come up on their RTE One screen, and are advised to follow the instructions on screen.

Saorview customers who can see RTE One with the HD logo on the top right of their screens have successfully completed the re-scan and will not need to take any further action. Also, viewers who re-scanned in October are not required to do this process again.

Saorview is a free national digital television service.

It was launched three years ago and is owned and managed by RTE.

Meanwhile, the body said that "it has reached out to organisations that represent Ireland's older demographic in an effort to spread the message to this sector more effectively and assist them where required via the helpline".

Re-scan guides and instructions are available on the Saorview website www.saor and consumers can avail of additional customer support by contacting the Saorview helpline (1890-222-012) or by emailing

UPC and Sky customers are not affected.

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