Friday 15 November 2019

Restaurateur hits out at parents of unruly children

Sallyanne Clarke who runs L’Écrivain in Dublin with her chef husband Derry
Sallyanne Clarke who runs L’Écrivain in Dublin with her chef husband Derry

Emma Jane Hade

Children who misbehave in restaurants should be brought outside by their parents, according to one of the country's best known restaurateurs.

Sallyanne Clarke, who runs L'Écrivain in Dublin with her chef husband Derry, believes parents just "have to" bring their children outside if they misbehave in restaurants for the sake of other diners.

"If you are sitting in Mass on a Sunday morning and your child misbehaves, you get up and you bring them outside.

"You should do the same in a restaurant and it's not just for the child, it's for everybody else," she said.

Ms Clarke said their restaurant welcomes children if they "are well behaved", although it does not have high-chairs because of safety concerns.

"We brought our kids everywhere, I mean from the time they were babies in carry cots.

"I think they are not going to learn unless you bring them in.

"We had a party in here not so long ago and there was a baby crying and we offered to take the baby so that the mother could enjoy her meal, so we could bring the baby downstairs to reception," she said on Newstalk yesterday. "But this mother would not let the child out of her sight and she didn't just spoil her own night."

Celebrity chef and father of three Kevin Dundon said children are welcome in his restaurant at Dunbrody Country House and Hotel.

"It is a learning curve for them on how to behave when you are in public and, when you are eating your food, getting good table manners.

"It is important that children behave themselves in restaurants. But particularly when there are other couples there to enjoy themselves, maybe they should have got a babysitter and have the children at home."

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