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Residents may sue over water supply

RESIDENTS of an exclusive estate are considering suing the developers and a local authority as they face having their water supply cut off.

Families living in Chapel View, Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny, bought their homes on the understanding they would have their own private water supply.

However, a series of glitches means a management company has yet to take over the maintenance and running of the water system, leaving them in limbo.

Kilkenny County Council granted planning permission to the developers on the condition a management company be set up to maintain the water supply.

But this process has been delayed, leading to problems over who is paying for, and in control of, the residents' water.

The public water supply in Stoneyford is already over capacity.

Developers GMB Construction closed the initial electricity account in September but residents only found out when the ESB arrived to turn off the supply before Christmas.

John Foley, a solicitor representing GMB Construction, told the Irish Independent that a "breakdown in communication" was behind the matter rather than a deliberate failing by the developers.

The chairman of the Chapel View Residents Association, Sean Hayden, blasted the council for approving a condition in the planning permission allowing a management company to be set up which would be responsible for the water supply.

"This condition is incorrect and was wrongly applied to this type of private housing development by Kilkenny County Council," he said.

Kilkenny County Council responded to the Irish Independent by stating that the setting up of management companies was "common practice".

Irish Independent