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Rescuers fight to save 47 horses and donkeys abandoned in field

ANIMAL rescue volunteers were last night fighting to save 47 horses and donkeys, including several foals and one heavily pregnant mare, found starving in an isolated field.

Glansillagh Animal Rescue (GAR) volunteers were shocked to discover the animals in a frozen and severely malnourished condition in a Cork field surrounded by three horse carcasses.

The animals had no feed and had stripped away all the grass in the field down to the soil.

One carcass had been reduced to just a skeleton by vermin -- and another carcass was of an animal that had died just last Sunday/Monday.

"We were notified about the animals by a person who was concerned for their welfare last Tuesday," a GAR spokeswoman said.

When charity volunteers went to the field they were horrified by what they found.

"There were 40 horses, seven donkeys and three carcasses and all were in a shocking condition," she said.

Volunteers were so disturbed by what they found that they took photos to record the event -- and posted it on the charity's Facebook site to underline the appalling plight now facing some Irish horses.

"Our sole priority is to help save these horses. That is why we are appealing for hay or cash donations so that we can buy feed," she said.

GAR volunteers are now caring for the horses in situ -- and have kept their location secret amid fears the animals could be moved elsewhere.

GAR can be contacted at Old Mill House, Glansillagh Mills, Sallybrook, Glanmire, Co Cork or (021) 4821635 or corkgar@hotmail.com. Donations can be made to Glansillagh Animal Rescue, Bank of Ireland, Glanmire. Sort Code 90-90-62; A/C No 50357307.

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