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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Rescued hare cared for under eagle eyes

Lothar Muschketat with Tim at
his sanctuary yesterday
Lothar Muschketat with Tim at his sanctuary yesterday

Paddy Clancy

OUT of the frying pan and into the fire. Tim, a four-day-old hare, who was rescued from the path of a hay machine two months ago, has been nursed to independence -- under the watchful eye of eagles.

The tiny animal was rescued by Keely Fletcher from a meadow being cut by a hay machine near Arva, Co Cavan, at the end of June. He was handed over for care to 'Eagles Flying', near Ballymote, Co Sligo -- the country's largest sanctuary for birds of prey. But owner Lothar Muschketat said he never feared Tim would be targeted by the eagles and other predatory birds.

"We feed our birds very well so they don't have to prey," he said. "We have a whole lot of small animals. We have rabbits and they are together with the eagles. There is even a rooster and he survives quite happily. It's down to simple logic: keep them well fed -- a predatory bird never kills for fun."

Tim, given his name by staff from 'lepus timidus' or 'mountain hare', was fed by Mr Muschketat's wife Regina with milk. Within four weeks he was eating grass, cabbage, carrots and herbs and was returned to the wild yesterday.

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