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Reporter delivers a speedy sign off for charity

RTE political correspondent David Davin-Power was spared a fine and a speeding conviction after he donated €150 to charity.

The journalist appeared at Dublin District Court to face a summons for driving in excess of a 50kmh speed limit on the Ballymun Road, in Glasnevin, Dublin, on the afternoon of May 21, 2012.

He had to come to court because he had not sent a cheque on time to pay a fixed charge fine.

Garda Bryan Murray told Judge Patrick Clyne that Mr Davin-Power had "driven at 68kmh in a 50kmh zone".

The journalist's barrister asked the court to consider striking out the case.

"One-hundred-and-fifty notes to the court poor box," the judge replied and counsel said it would be paid forthwith.

The broadcaster, who lives on Griffith Avenue, Dublin, returned a few minutes later with a receipt showing that the money had been paid at the courthouse office.

Judge Clyne said the €150 would go to the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin.

Irish Independent