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Replacing HSE 'not best for patients'

MOVES by the government to replace the HSE with a new health system will only lead to increased costs and levels of bureaucracy, a human rights group has claimed.

Social Justice Ireland (SJI) warned that proposals to introduce a system of "seven directorates", each covering a different area of healthcare, was not the best solution for patients. Approved by Cabinet last month, these will include hospital care, primary care, mental health, children and family services, social care, public health and corporate/ shared services.

However, SJI director Dr Sean Healy said yesterday: "There are real concerns that the new approach will increase rather than reduce costs and bureaucracy.

The new approach could see the structure taking resources away from care, Dr Healy warned.

Health Minister Dr James Reilly has said the plan is "a step along the way" towards the introduction of universal health insurance.

Irish Independent