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Reilly to bring in new chiefs at 'worst hospital'

HEALTH Minister Dr James Reilly is to shake up management at the country's poorest-performing hospital.

Dr Reilly has ordered the appointment of a new management team at University Hospital Galway and three smaller hospitals in the Galway University Hospitals group.

An ad appeared in yesterday's 'Sunday Independent' seeking a chief executive, chief operating officer and chief financial officer for the Galway University Hospitals Group.

The position of chief executive will carry an annual salary of €145,000, while salaries of between €94,000 and €117,000 will be attached to the other two posts.

The move follows stinging criticism of the overall performance of the Galway city hospital, which is at the centre of an investigation by the Department of Health into the shock resignation of a cancer specialist over a lack of theatre time.

Colorectal surgeon Myles Joyce tendered his resignation from his position at University Hospital Galway just 15 months after taking up the post.

While Mr Joyce has yet to comment publicly, it is understood that he quit after repeatedly highlighting the problem of inadequate theatre time and a shortage of theatre nurses.

The controversy has followed the most recent HSE HealthStats, which showed UH Galway as the worst-performing hospital in the country.

Chairman of the HSE West Health Forum, Cllr Padraic Conneely, said yesterday he met Dr Reilly on three occasions to discuss problems at the hospital.

"I asked the minister to take a hands-on approach to the fact that we seem to have major problems in Galway," he said.

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