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'Regulate hair-stylist industry' to cut hike in injuries

HAIRDRESSERS should be regulated in a bid to cut the increasing number of injuries caused by unqualified stylists, a lawyer claimed yesterday.

Liam Moloney, a personal injuries solicitor from Naas, Co Kildare, said anyone can pick up scissors and a sachet of dye and call themselves a hairdresser.

"There is no legal requirement for hairdressers to be properly trained or even to prove they are competent," he said.

Mr Moloney said most people did not realise that the industry was unregulated and many never ask about their stylist's qualifications or experience.

He said it was unacceptable that someone who had little or no experience could use potentially harmful chemicals on someone's hair.

Mr Moloney said his firm had handled many cases where customers had suffered serious injuries at the hands of unqualified staff.

Burns, permanent hair loss, scarring and disfigurement could be extremely painful and cause psychological effects.

"People should not be afraid to ask questions," Mr Moloney said.

"Any hairdresser who has qualifications and experience should be more than happy to confirm this and answer any questions."

Irish Independent