Wednesday 17 January 2018

Reformed boy racer admits that fine helped cure his need for speed

Greg Harkin

"I USED to drive really fast. I think people have to understand what it is that goes through our heads. It's like an addiction."

Daniel (22) lives in north Donegal and was a self-confessed boy racer, hurtling around country roads at high speeds.

He explains: "I've always loved motors. It's something I grew up with. I got my first car at 17 and couldn't wait to get into her."

But the recession and increased enforcement mean many boy racers are turning their backs on their risky pastime. A key factor in Daniel's reform was not fear of death or injury, but of damaging his beloved Toyota beyond repair.

"I've had a bit of a cure, I suppose. I don't really think about the damage I could do to myself, it's more the car.

"I'm not out as much in the car now as I used to be. Petrol is so expensive and I have a mileage deal done on the insurance to keep the price down.

"I think the older you get, you do wise up a bit. I wouldn't take the risks I would have taken a couple of years ago."

Being caught for speeding was also a factor.

"I can't afford to get caught again," admits Daniel. "If I had lost the licence that day, it would have been a disaster."

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