Tuesday 25 June 2019

RTE star Eoghan McDermott deletes 'F*** you RTE' Marriage Referendum post

Eoghan McDermott
Eoghan McDermott

Daniel McDonald

Emotions ran high on all fronts last night as polling came to a close in the same-sex marriage referendum.

TV and radio presenter Eoghan McDermott quickly deleted a post on social media in which he criticised RTE for their gagging order on staff during the same-sex marriage debate.

The national broadcaster issued a notice to its employees asking them not to post content relating to the referendum on their personal social media accounts.

They maintained that this was in the interest of parity, which was obviously a tough pill for some staff to swallow.

The Voice of Ireland host may have gone a step too far in venting his frustrations though, when he tweeted: “After 10. F**k you RTE with all my beating heart. I hope today you didn't stand in the way of a stranger's happiness.”

He relented in a later post, blaming his outburst on a “heightened emotional state.”

As the personality makes his retreat, his followers continue to show their support.

“I’d rather the "new journalism" attitude in the media. At least if you know a journalists bias you can better form opinion,” said one user.

“Props to you for that tweet though, I'm sure you got a right telling off!” said another.

It remains to be seen whether McDermott will be disciplined for his actions.

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