Monday 22 January 2018

Red faces in Coalition as big hitters fail to deliver

How did government ministers fare in trying to bring in the Yes vote in their home patches? Daniel McConnell and John Drennan find out

Kenny defies church in gay marriage vote
Kenny defies church in gay marriage vote

Daniel McConnell and John Drennan

HE may have carried his own constituency but Enda Kenny's self-inflicted defeat on the abolition of the Seanad lead to some embarrassing defeats for ministers across the country, who abjectly failed to carry their own home patches.

Enda Kenny, Mayo


Predictably enough, the Taoiseach carried his home constituency by a decent enough margin. Despite the low turnout of under 40 per cent, the margin of victory for the Government in his home county was 57 per cent Yes to 43 per cent No. But while he may be happy at home, Enda's humiliation across the country is almost absolute.

Eamon Gilmore, Dun Laoghaire


A bad blow to the Tanaiste, who lost his constituency by more than 5,000 votes and by a margin of 57 to 43 per cent.

Richard Bruton, Dublin North Central


The FG Director of Elections couldn't even carry his own constituency, losing by a margin of 55 per cent to 45 per cent. The result was likely from early morning, but confirmation represents a personal embarrassment for Bruton.

Frances Fitzgerald,

Dublin Mid West


At a turnout of 38.2 per cent, the Nos won it comfortably, 55 per cent to 45 per cent. The result in this constituency, which has no opposition TDs, can only be viewed as a major embarrassment for the Coalition. A triumph for Labour TD Joanna Tuffy who campaigned against the proposal.

Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton, Dublin West


Despite having two heavyweight ministers in the constituency, the good people of Dublin West rejected by a considerable margin Enda's call to abolish the Seanad.

With a turnout of 39 per cent, the margin of defeat was 58 per cent No to 42 per cent Yes. Will Leo and Joan carry on as before and blame each other for the humiliating defeat on their home patch?

Dr James Reilly, Dublin North


A major blow to the Fine Gael deputy leader. He may have been distracted with his Budget battles but a loss in the constituency where three out of four of the TDs are government members can only be a seen as a disaster. With a turnout of 41 per cent, the margin of defeat was 55 per cent No to 45 per cent Yes.

Jimmy Deenihan, Kerry North


A rare victory for the Government, and a somewhat comfortable one. Yes 54 per cent, No 46. This could be regarded as Deenihan's first meaningful contribution to the Government since taking office.

Pat Rabbitte, Dublin South West


The Communications Minister, who shares the largely working class constituency with junior minister Brian Hayes, lost, with 52 per cent No to 48 per cent Yes.

Ruairi Quinn,

Dublin South East


A stunning victory for Michael McDowell and Lucinda Creighton in their heartland of Dublin South East, with the margin of defeat at 61 per cent No to 39 per cent Yes.

Phil Hogan,



The margin may have been just 400 votes, but as Enda's main pit bull, Environment Minister Hogan's failure to carry his constituency is a disappointment for the Government. The margin of defeat was 50.5 per cent to 49.5 per cent.

Brendan Howlin, Wexford


One of the closer constituencies but the presence of Labour's Minster for Public Expenditure and Reformcouldn't prevent the ballot being lost. The margin of defeat in Wexford, where the turnout was 39 per cent, was 50.1 per cent Yes compared with 49.9 per cent No.

Alan Shatter,

Dublin South


A constituency that has tended to vote Yes in referendums in the past, and one that is the most affluent constituency in the country, with its high concentration of university graduates, voted to retain the Seanad by a margin of 53 per cent to 47 per cent.

Simon Coveney,

Cork South Central


A blow to the heir apparent in Fine Gael, Simon Coveney. At a turnout of just over 42 per cent, the margin of defeat was slim but decisive, at 51 per cent No to 48 per cent Yes. Must do better.

Michael Noonan,

Limerick City


Is there anything this man can't do? Bucking the trend of many other ministers, Finance Minister Noonan delivered a Yes vote, albeit a small one in Limerick City. With a turnout of just 38 per cent, the Yes side won the day by 53 per cent to 47 per cent.

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