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Panti Bliss: 'Ireland is no longer ruled by the Catholic Church'


Miss Panti at Dublin Castle

Miss Panti at Dublin Castle

Miss Panti at Dublin Castle

Irish personality Panti Bliss says the referendum outcome sends a message overseas that Ireland is no longer a country "ruled by the Catholic Church".

According to Panti, whose real name is Rory O'Neill, the vote is a confirmation that Irish society changed some time ago.

"I think the outsiders are still hung up on the idea that Ireland is some sort of very conservative country ruled by the Catholic Church," Panti said.

That has become more and more annoying for Irish people over the years that foreigners see us in this kind of 1950s version of ourselves. I think this sort of says to the international community that, look, Ireland changed long ago and the vote today is confirmation of that change."

Panti received the warmest reception so far today in the sun-kissed Dublin Castle courtyard.

Asked by a male journalist of plans to celebrate the result, Panti replied:

"My plans for tonight are to get really really drunk and then to hit on you."

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