Thursday 14 November 2019

Member of counting staff removed from Sligo/North Leitrim centre after 'No remark'

Referendum posters
Referendum posters

Sorcha Crowley

A member of the counting staff has been removed from the Sligo/North Leitrim count centre after a complaint was made by a member of the public, believed to be from the No side, about a remark made by count staff during the Marriage Referendum count

Deputy Local Returning Officer Paraic O'Grady confirmed to Independent.iethat "there was a complaint made in connection with the count staff."

He refused to say what the comment was, except to say that it was "something about a No vote" and the person who overheard it took offence.

"It was a stupid, throwaway remark made by an individual who regretted it afterwards," he said.

The individual has been removed from the count which will have "financial implications" for them, according to Mr. O'Grady. "He admits it was a stupid remark," he said.

The person who made the complaint went on to query if 'No' votes had been ripped up by young people on the counting team.

"There were no votes thrown out, except invalid ones," said Mr O'Grady.

"I've dealt with it. Everything is done in public.

"The integrity of the count has been maintained. Those who complained were not registered agents. Admittance wasn't restricted to this count, it's open to the public. It was a throwaway remark and I'm happy there was no malice in it," he added.

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