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McAleese's son attacks FF over marriage campaign


Justin McAleese, Campaigner

Justin McAleese, Campaigner

Picture By David Conachy

Justin McAleese, Campaigner

The son of former President Mary McAleese has strongly criticised Fianna Fáil's contribution to the marriage equality referendum campaign.

Yes campaigner and party activist Justin McAleese criticised the scant reference to the referendum in Micheál Martin's Ard Fheis speech.

"A total of 28 words out of a 3,093 speech were devoted to the referendum. That's 0.009pc and consistent with the effort put in by the party's TDs during the campaign," he said.

Mr McAleese also claimed that former Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power, who resigned this week from the party, had been "treated abysmally".

The comments came as Mr Martin sought to rally party members as the controversy over her resignation overshadowed the party's by-election win.

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