Wednesday 21 November 2018

Marriage 'not just a social construction' - Martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Mark O'Regan

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has called on people to "stop and reflect carefully on what marriage and the family means", urging those of faith to vote 'No' in the same-sex marriage referendum.

"Marriage is not simply about two individuals who are in love," he said. "The Christian teaching about marriage stresses the complementary relationship between male and female, which is not just a social construction.

"Marriage is also about a stable and loving relationship where children are generated and educated. The vocation of the family is about love and about fidelity and about the transmission and nurturing of life and faith.

"These are in fact fundamental values not just for the Church, but for the strengthening of society."

And in a new statement from the Iona Institute, which is campaigning for a 'No' vote, the advocacy group repeated its claim that the institution of marriage will be seriously undermined if the referendum is carried. It says the proposal will allow "two heterosexual friends" to marry and warned of the risk of "sham" marriages.

It states that over time, as people realise marriage is no longer understood as a "sexual union per se", some will marry simply to avail of "tax advantages, especially in terms of being able to inherit one another's property without paying heavy tax".

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