Friday 20 September 2019

Marian Keyes admits she went for 'cheap laugh' with 'offensive' tweet about Roscommon/South Leitrim vote in marriage referendum

Marian Keyes
Marian Keyes
Best-selling author Marian Keyes speaks at the rally to call for a Yes vote

Best-selling author Marian Keyes has apologised more than 30 times on Twitter for an 'offensive' tweet she posted on the social network on Saturday night.

The tweet, which she deleted almost immediately, referred to the majority 'No' vote from the constituency of Roscommon/South Leitrim in the marriage equality referendum.

It read, "Tip?! I'll give you a tip! Move to Roscommon/South Leitrim and pal around with your own kind. #OfHateFilledBigots"

Roscommon TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan had spent hours on Twitter yesterday defending his constituency and was one of several people to call Marian out on the tweet.

He posted, "@damiengeoghegan have you read @MarianKeyes tweet. Has damaged the cause."

Others responded in anger, "that is very unfair! Not everyone in Leitrim voted no" and "That's unfair Marian. Dont' forget 17695 of here in Roscommon voted yes #YesForEquality"

Marian was quick to respond to the criticism, deleting the tweet and spending several hours on Twitter responding with apologies to individual tweets from people who were upset.

She admitted she was "going for a cheap laugh" but said, "I was wrong! *Holds my hands up* #PleaseForgiveMe #Humble".

She said she was "exaggerating for comic effect" and added that she felt "ashamed" and "mortified" and was "terribly sorry".

She apologised to the constituents in general as well as directly to Flanagan, "Luke and Damien, I'm profoundly sorry. It was a dreadful, idiotic, thoughtless thing to tweet...".

Flanagan was equally quick to accept Marian's apology and said, " thank you so much for that. Guilty of tweeting shite from time 2 time myself. Twitters immediacy can do that."

He also said, "apologies accepted!!!! Your sincerity is clear for anyone to see. Finding all this rather emotional."

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