Tuesday 12 November 2019

Daniel O'Donnell reveals support for 'Yes' vote in marriage referendum

The late Julia O'Donnell with her son Daniel. (Photo: Eoin Mc Garvey)
The late Julia O'Donnell with her son Daniel. (Photo: Eoin Mc Garvey)
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Daniel O'Donnell has revealed that he will be voting 'Yes' to marriage equality in next week's referendum.

The Irish singing legend opened up about his views about the same sex debate, stating that "those who know what they're talking about" are saying that the family unit won't change.

"I just feel we’re discriminating against a lot of people who feel their lives would be better," he told the Ray D’Arcy radio show this afternoon.

"I can’t see anything on the other side that will be detrimental. All of the people who know they’re talking about are telling us that it’s absolutely no difference who brings up the children, as long as they’re brought up in a loving environment."

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Daniel said that he doesn't believe that a secure family unit relies on children having both a mother and a father.

“I was brought up without a father. My father died before I knew the benefit of a father. It was just my mother,” he said on the RTE show.

Daniel's father, Francis O'Donnell died of a heart attack when O'Donnell was six years old.

His beloved mother Julia passed away last May at Dungloe Hospital surrounded by all of her family.

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