Wednesday 24 January 2018

referEndum day: THE LIST

The Government is going to hold several referendums on the one day in the early part of 2015, alongside the vote on gay marriage.

The lowering of the voting age, the removal of blasphemy and extending voting rights in Presidential elections are among the items potentially on the ballot paper.

The Constitution Day will be held in March, April or May of 2015.

The idea of a Constitution Day was floated during the general election campaign. The coalition set up a thinktank to look at a variety of changes to the Constitution.

The Convention on the Constitution is made up of a mixture of politicians and members of the public.

So far, it has made a series of recommendations for changes to be proposed to the electorate in referendums:

* Lowering voting age to 16 from 18;

* Offering a reasonable level of support to ensure that carers are not obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour;

* Including an explicit provision on gender equality;

* Providing for same-sex marriage;

* Changing the electoral system by increasing the size of constituencies;

* Extending voting rights in Presidential elections for Irish citizens who are resident outside of the State, including Irish citizens resident in Northern Ireland;

* Removing blasphemy.

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