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Redundant immigrants given 'breathing space'

THE Migrants Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) last night said the Government's decision to change the rules regarding non-EEA migrant workers who have been made redundant will make a "significant difference".

The changes announced by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Dermot Ahern, will increase the three-month 'breathing space' for any worker who has held an employment permit for less than five years to six months.

In addition, non-EEA migrant workers who have lived and worked in Ireland for five years under the work permit system will be granted new permission to live and work without the need to apply for another work permit.

Bill Abom, deputy director of the MRCI, said the changes will make "a significant difference in the lives of thousands of non-EEA migrant workers who have committed themselves to Ireland". "These changes give migrant workers greater equality," he said.

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