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Redmond mausoleum will re-open to public


John Redmond

John Redmond

John Redmond

The burial mausoleum of former Irish Parliamentary leader John Redmond in Wexford Town is set to be opened to the general public for the first time in decades.

Behind a basic whitewashed wall and a locked gate lie the remains of the man who finally delivered Home Rule for Ireland.

Redmond's family chose to bury him here rather than in Glasnevin to avoid the risk of unsavoury scenes in 1918 as many blamed the MP for the deaths of Irish soldiers in World War I.

But now, to mark the 100-year anniversary of the 1914 Home Rule Act, Wexford County Council have announced plans to open up the John's Street graveyard sometime in the middle of 2015. John Redmond's son William Archer Redmond, who also served as an MP and later TD in the fourth Dail, was also buried here in 1932.

Assisted by a grant of €30,000 from the Department of Heritage some works have already been undertaken including a structural evaluation of the tomb. Heritage Minister Heather Humphreys told the Irish Independent the work was vital.

Redmond's great granddaughter Dr Mary Green welcomed it, saying Redmond was "even isolated in death".

"We'll be able to clean the stone work and the general graveyard and also improve access," said Wexford borough district administrator Angie Laffon.

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