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Red Cross to follow up accommodation offers


A child rescued by the LE Niamh off the coast of Italy

A child rescued by the LE Niamh off the coast of Italy

A child rescued by the LE Niamh off the coast of Italy

The Irish Red Cross will this week start the process of contacting individuals who offered accommodation to assist in the refugee crisis.

The Government's taskforce on refugees yesterday agreed that the charity will take the lead role in "assessing and coordinating offers of public support and assistance".

"The Red Cross will be communicating with people who have offered support in the coming days and has commenced the profiling of offers of support and accommodation," a Department of Justice spokesperson said last night.

The taskforce, chaired by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, yesterday agreed the precise roles set to be played by State agencies.

The Department of the Environment is due to take responsibility for the necessary work on providing accommodation for persons granted refugee status.

This will be done in conjunction with City and County Managers.

The Department of Justice will take charge of relocating persons to Ireland, most of whom have been displaced from their homes in the Middle East.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will liaise with the relevant NGOs. Other departments such as Health, Education, and Social Protection, will also provide services.

"There was a very positive and constructive discussion on the roles and responsibilities of each organisation, with all expressing their willingness to engage fully in what it needs to be done to implement the Government decision to establish the Irish Refugee Protection Programme," the spokesperson added.

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