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Rapist ‘using a gun in park’ with silencer


Gardai said the man was shot at the Road Tramps Motorcycle club

Gardai said the man was shot at the Road Tramps Motorcycle club

Gardai said the man was shot at the Road Tramps Motorcycle club

A CONVICTED rapist, who is the main suspect in a litany of shootings for an organised crime gang, has been practising using a firearm equipped with a silencer in a public park.

The sex-offender, who is being used as a gun-for-hire by the Bray mob, was letting off shots in the park in Fassaroe in the vicinity of a group of teenagers.

One of the youths who heard the muffled shots asked the gunman what the noise was, to which the gangster said “what the f**k do you think it is?” before pulling out the weapon in front of the group.

Last month the Herald revealed how the Bray gang, lead by a convicted killer, was using the sex offender as one of their main enforcers.

The man, in his mid-20s, is the main suspect in a number of serious shooting incidents and intimidation attacks.

He is suspected of carrying out the shooting of Bray-native Tiernan Stokes (24) in August of last year.

Stokes was shot in the back of both of his legs, and although his injuries were non-life threatening, he needed rehabilitation to recover.

A source explained how the vicious sex offender is being used as an enforcer, and described him as volatile.

“If the gang want something done, they call this lad up to do it for them. He has absolutely no hesitation.

“He’s been the main suspect in a number of shootings, and is a dangerous man,” the source explained.


The rapist is also believed to be the trigger man in the shooting of Jonathan Burke, who was left paralysed.

The 40-year-old was blasted several times outside an address in the Heatherwood estate in Bray.

The gang is believed to be behind a number of other serious incidents in the Co Wicklow town, and has been described by one source as “running the Bray area”.

The mob previously had close links with the ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson drugs gang.