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'Range of security measures in place' ahead of mystery note's reference to 'gun attack' in college this weekend


Sligo IT (Photo: Google Maps)

Sligo IT (Photo: Google Maps)

Sligo IT (Photo: Google Maps)

IT Sligo staff have worked with Gardaí to put security measures in place after finding a letter detailing a potential gun attack, which the perpetrator insisted would happen this weekend.

The letter, which was discovered in a classroom in December, was written by someone who claims to be a student at the college. It details plans to enter an exam hall on January 15 with a Glock 17 and "smoke" six students.

Speaking to Independent.ie, President of the third level institution Dr Brendan McCormack said:

"There is a wide awareness of the anonymous note and of the potential increase in risk. However, the mood is positive as all staff and students have been kept informed that additional security measures are being implemented bythe Gardaí, who are taking the matter very seriously.

"The Institute is very appreciative of the support from the Gardaí on this matter. Institute security staff are also fully briefed and are working with the Gardaí."

Earlier this week, Dr McCormack sent an email to staff and students of the IT regarding the incident.

It read: "I want to update you on the Institute’s security arrangements which have been put in place following the unsolicited note which was found on campus last month.

"While the risk of a further incident happening on campus has been assessed by the Gardaí as being low, a range of precautionary security measures have been taken to help ensure that our students and staff can sit their examinations/do their work in a safe and secure environment.

"For obvious operational reasons, I am not going to go into detail here other than to say that the security measures have been taken in consultation with the Gardaí, and have been in place since the start of the examination period. The Garda investigation is continuing."

A spokesperson for IT Sligo confirmed that all examinations would take place as planned.

Gardaí have confirmed to Independent.ie that no arrests have been made and they are going to "continue to liaise closely with management at IT Sligo."

Gardaí added: "For operational reasons we will not be commenting further at this time."

The letter was found on Tuesday, December 6 and IT staff are continuing to consult with gardaí.

Approximately 3,000 students attend the IT which is located to the north-east of Sligo town.

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