Friday 20 July 2018

Rail delays as gang of youths dart between trains taunting passengers

DART train
DART train

David Kearns

Rail services were disrupted after security officers in Bray had to call for Garda backup after a group of youths began running between trains.

Irish Rail said the incident led to delays on the Bray to Malahide line at 5:25pm and 5:55pm as staff were unable to stop the teenagers from darting in and out of two trains stopped in the Bray station.

There were no reports of injuries or arrests as a result of the trouble, a Garda spokesperson said.

According to Irish Rail, the teens shouted abuse at staff and passengers and the decision was made to call Garda and halt services until the situation was brought under control.

“We didn’t think it was an appropriate environment for our customers to travel under,” said an Irish Rail spokesman.

“When Gardaí arrived, the teens ran off and services continued. However, once the officers left, the youths came back and started up again. That’s when we called the police again.”

There was no further disruption to services, they added.

Garda said members from the Bray station responded to the call, and that the situation had been calmed after they came out a second time, requiring no further action.

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