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Radio husband won't talk bride and gloom

GENTLEMEN don't kiss and tell.

Alan Healy is not about to break his promise and spill the beans on one of the shortest marriages in history.

The courier tied the knot to 25-year-old Bebhinn O'Keeffe in a non-binding ceremony for regional radio Beat 102/103's 'Two Strangers and a Wedding' competition.

Part-time wedding planning student Bebhinn lashed out following the couple's honeymoon in Portugal saying she didn't "see much of Alan" on holiday but didn't "want to either".

However, speaking from his home in Co Waterford yesterday, Alan told the Irish Independent, he went into the competition with his "eyes wide open" but admitted he was hoping for romance.

He wouldn't go into the "gory details" of where it all went wrong but said some of Bebhinn's comments since their return were "hurtful".

"I refuse to go into the details. We just didn't get on. I'm not going to slag her off, I wouldn't do that. If it had worked, it would have been a great feelgood story, I wanted us to get on well."

The 31-year-old said they were two "different people".

The newlywed now just wants to "forget" about the wedding and get back to normal.