Thursday 21 February 2019

Racial abuse forced him to flee London pub in late 80s

JUNIOR Minister Conor Lenihan, right, has revealed how he had been the victim of racial abuse.

While working in London in the late 1980s, he went for a drink after work in a local pub.

"These four guys started shouting at me about the North and the abuse became stronger and stronger. You have that awful dilemma; do I finish the pint or leave it? I made out as if I was going to the lavatory but I sprinted for the door," he said

The four men chased him down the street while shouting "you Irish bastard", he said.

"I wasn't particularly fit, but I can tell you I was in the Ben Johnson league of sprinting with these four lads after me."

Mr Lenihan said it had made him aware of how unpleasant it was to suffer racist abuse. Incidences of "drive-by racism" - where people shout abuse at immigrants from cars - would have to stop.

"That kind of verbal abuse is a disgrace, and it's not in any way acceptable."


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