Monday 19 November 2018


I'd get a big ruler and I'd spank you on the bottom.

Fianna Fail TD Michael Mulcahy to presenter Joe Duffy during a row on RTE's Liveline. The presenter had asked the TD what he would do if an Oireachtas committee found that the previous day's programme had breached rules on balance and fairness.

Who runs this country? We do.

Dingle publican Dan O'Keefe at a rally against the pub smoking ban.

I only put a few balls in a few silly pockets.

Dublin snooker star Ken Doherty as he was presented with an honorary fellowship from the country's most prestigious debating society, the Literary and Historical Society at UCD.


Front page banner headline on the Daily Mirror, announcing the birth of Paul and Heather McCartney's baby. The child was, in fact, a girl. Editor Piers Morgan said the blunder was a "tiny blip on a great scoop".

Diana was an icon and the public have a right to know about her.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell, justifying the publication of his serve-and-tell memoir about the royals.

The simple truth of the matter is that invisible acts don't really weigh very much with the general public.

David Trimble on the IRA's act of decommissioning.

I will lead this party from the centre. I will call on the talents of all in the party and the party will expect all to answer that call.

Michael Howard, the first and probably the only candidate in the race to take over as the new leader of the British Conservative Party.

The best way to help the addict, a person who is stuck on drugs and alcohol, is to change their heart. If you change their heart, then they change their behaviour. I know.

George Bush, who said finding God ended his days as a heavy drinker.

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